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No knowledge of Latin, Greek or even the ancient world is needed for this popular subject, in which candidates have been extremely successful, the majority gaining Grade A or A*. The OCR specification offers the opportunity to explore the way of life and literature both of the Classical Greeks and the Romans, and we shall choose four topics for detailed study. During your study you will also be encouraged to compare the
ancient world with modern day society.

UNIT:1                                                    UNIT:3  


City life in the classical world            Epic and myth
 -Athens                                                -Ovid’s Metamorphoses
  UNIT: 2                                                  UNIT: 4    
  Community life in the                         Culture and society in the
 classical world                                     classical world 
-Pompeii                                                -Sophocles’ Antigone

 Units 1-3 are examined in three separate 1-hour papers (75% of marks)
 Unit 4 involves controlled assessment (25% of marks)


 This module involves the study of the city of Athens, famous in the fifth century BC for its large empire and being the first democracy in the western world. We exam the everyday life of these Athenians, a people who were very advanced for their time.

UNIT: 2  In this module, we study the Metamorphoses by Ovid which is a collection of Roman mythological short stories, which all involve change. We explore this theme but also look at others such as family, love and the gods as well as the wide range of interesting characters.
UNIT: 3 As with the Athens module, we explore the everyday lives of Romans who lived in the town of Pompeii in the first century AD. Our focus will also be on how the town was destroyed by Mount Vesuvius and what the remaining buildings, mosaics, paintings and objects can tell us about a people who lived two thousand years ago.
UNIT: 4 We study the Greek tragedy of Antigone, which tells the story of a young princess who makes the decision to be true to her religious principles even though this means going against the social values and political laws of her society.

 We organise visits to lectures and plays and to Classical sites both in England and abroad: we travel to either Greece or Italy every year. Classical Civilisation offers a valuable perspective on our modern society and gives scope to girls with a wide range of talents and interests. It may also be studied at A-Level, and generally several girls each year go on to study a classical-related degree at university, including Oxford and Cambridge.

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