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What first strikes visitors to our school is a palpable sense of community. The atmosphere is vibrant, purposeful and very friendly. Relationships are strong and supportive. There's always a lot going on and, to an extent which is perhaps unusual, girls of different ages work unselfconsciously together, collaborating on the colourful range of events and activities that make up the fabric of the Woodford school year and contribute to the distinct ethos of the place. It's a happy and cohesive community and an environment which liberates young women to take the risks and embrace the challenges that will prepare them for their future roles and responsibilities as leaders in tomorrow's society.

Woodford's success is the result of striking a fine balance between tradition and innovation... (read more)




    • Awe and wonder: The Science Museum at Woodford

      The Education Department of this national museum moved in for two days at the end of January to expose students in Key Stage 3 to some scientific wizardry.

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    • National recognition for a Champion Fundraiser

      A Woodford Sixth Form Student is the recipient of the Diana Award entitled “Champion Fundraiser”. 

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    • Two WCHS students stand for the Youth Parliament

      Two Woodford County High School students – Sabah Mohammed Y10 and Atena Ahmed Y11 are standing for the Youth Parliament and will be campaigning for votes.

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