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Component 1 

Component 2 

Component 3 

Component 4 



Component 1 – Drama

2 hour examination, 30 % of A Level marks.

Component 2 – Prose

1 hour examination, 20 % of A Level marks.

Component 3 – Poetry

2 hour examination, 20 % of A Level marks.

Component 4 - Coursework

Comparative essay with a total word count of 2500 to 3000 words.

20% of A Level marks.


Component 1 – Shakespeare and Other Drama

The study of one play by Shakespeare and one other drama text.

Component 2 - Prose

The study of two thematically linked prose texts, at least one of which will be pre-1900.

Component 3 – Poetry Anthology and Unseen poems

The study of a range of poetry to prepare students to respond to modern poetry in examination, and the study of a work by a named poet.

Component 4 - Coursework

The study of two texts which may be poetry, prose or drama chosen by students from a wide range of titles. These will be linked in some way, for example by theme or author.


English Literature is a highly regarded and sought after academic subject by universities and employers as it enables access to a wide range of skills and degree courses. Students who opt for A Level English Literature pursue varied careers in fields such as law, finance and management, engineering, social and medical sciences, arts, consultancy, publishing, politics, and the creative industries.


English is a fundamentally ‘open’ subject and it combines well with other humanities and science subjects because of its emphasis on transferable skills such as verbal and written communication, analytical thinking and independent study.  In combination with other subjects, studying English at A Level helps to facilitate a smooth transition into Higher Education and employment, regardless of career choice

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