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At Woodford we welcome our duties under the Equality Act 2010 and consider the active promotion of Equality as fundamental to our values and our aims as a learning community.

Our Values

We want our students to enjoy and appreciate their education and to leave Woodford equipped to embark upon happy, fulfilling and useful lives, wherever and however they choose to lead them.

To that end we seek to help them become:

  • Confident of their own worth, courageous and resilient

  • Happy and safe in themselves and in relationships

  • Self-reliant in life and in learning

  • Independent in thought and belief

  • Receptive to new experience and interested in everything

  • Assured and articulate in communication

  • Considerate and kind

  • Respectful of difference in other individuals and cultures; champions of equality

  • Ready to assume responsibility as members of multiple communities

  • Active in stewardship of the environment and of resources

  • Clear-sighted and imaginative in planning for their futures

  • Unwilling to settle for less than their best in anything they do

 [Woodford County High School:  Statement of Values and Vision.  Last updated July 2019.].

We aim to be a community where everyone is treated fairly and with respect and where individuals (adults as well as children) are supported to achieve their full potential and to thrive.  You can read more about our undertakings in this area by accessing the documents linked from this page.

[Woodford County High School:  Statement of Values and Vision.  Last updated July 2019.]

  • Woodford 100 Years
  • Investors in Careers
  • Equally Safe
  • 360 degree Safe Award
  • ASGS
  • Healthy School
  • Research Mark
  • TFL Award-Gold
  • The Leaders Council
  • School Leadership Programme
  • The English PTI
  • History PTI
  • The Two Subjects PTI
  • Internatiional Coalition for Girls School' s
  • Top 100 Stem School
  • Sunday Times London State School of the Year 2019
  • London School Music Excellence Award 2018
  • The Parliamentary review