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Equality Objectives 2024/2025

  • To take every opportunity to celebrate a broad range of festivities and customs

(Target = to consult with students (e.g. summer term 2024) about diversity of current programme and adjust / augment accordingly in 2024 / 2025.)

  • To forefront equality in school planning and policy

(Target = to utilise Equaliteach evaluation (Autumn 2023) in order to update school policies for 2024 2025)

  • To be alert to topical global tensions and their potential impact on the school community

(Target: to promote connections between the curriculum (+ wider school resources) and our aim to develop student understanding of wider world events. 2024 2025)

  • To encourage more colleagues actively to engage in the promotion of equality

(Target: To develop a Staff Equalities Forum. From September 2024.)

  • Sunday Times London State School of the Year 2019
  • Woodford 100 Years
  • Healthy School
  • Investors in Careers
  • London School Music Excellence Award 2018
  • ASGS
  • Research Mark
  • The Parliamentary review
  • Top 100 Stem School
  • 360 degree Safe Award
  • TFL Award-Gold
  • The Leaders Council
  • School Leadership Programme
  • The English PTI
  • History PTI
  • The Two Subjects PTI
  • Internatiional Coalition for Girls School' s