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Do you have an interest in the creative aspect and enjoyment of food? Are you interested in the scientific side of preparing and making food? The Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE aims to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to cook and apply principles of food science, nutrition and healthy eating.

The heart of the course is the development of strong practical cookery skills and techniques as well as a good understanding of nutrition

UNIT: 1                                                      UNIT: 2  


Food Preparation and Nutrition             Food Investigation Task  


                                  UNIT: 3    

Food Preparation Task

Nutrition, food provenance, food choice, cooking and food preparation will be covered throughout the three units.


Food Preparation and Nutrition (1hr 30 mins written examination) 50% of total GCSE

Food Investigation Task (Controlled assessment) 15% of total GCSE

Food Preparation Task (Controlled assessment) 35% of total GCSE


Food Preparation and Nutrition (1 Hour 30 mins written examination paper) Content from all these sections may be tested in the examination paper: Nutrition, Food (food provenance and food choice), cooking/food preparation as well as the skills requirement (related to preparation and cooking techniques). 

UNIT: 2 This task is worth 15% of the qualification. You will be required through practical experimentation to investigate the chemical properties of ingredients and use the findings to produce a range of dishes.  
UNIT: 3  

During Year 10 students will undertake a range of small investigation tasks in order to introduce them to the science behind cooking. Students will be able to broaden their food learning through educational visits to specialist food markets; this will enable students to explore a variety of food products.  

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