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Component 1 

Britain, 1625-1701: democracy, protest and reform

Component 2 

France in Revolution,1774-1799

Component 3 

Civil Rights and race relations in the USA, 1850-2009

Component 4 

Coursework – Interpretations of the Vietnam War


Component 1: Breadth study, with interpretations: Examination  2hrs 15mins 30% of A Level marks.

Component 2 : Depth study: Examination 1 hour 30 minutes exam

20% of A Level marks.

Component 3: Paper 3: Themes in breadth, with aspects in depth (100 years) 2 hours 15 min 30% of A Level marks

Component 4:  Historical Enquiry (Coursework)  -  3,000-4,000 words.

20% of A Level marks


Component 1

Includes: The fortunes of the British monarchy from the Civil War through to the Glorious Revolution.

Component 2

Includes: The causes and main phases of the French Revolution.

Component 3

Includes: The condition of race relations prior to the American Civil War, the impact of the war on the position of Black Americans, the development of the Civil Rights movement in the USA and the portrayal of Black Americans in media and culture.                                                                                                  Component 4

Includes: An exploration of the main controversies surrounding the Vietnam War including the reasons for the USA’s involvement and the escalation of this, the use of controversial military tactics, the impact on the civilian population and the role of the media in engaging public opposition to the war. 


History is a widely respected academic subject because of its ability to develop high order skills. Historians are very well prepared to work in careers which demand analytical skills and the ability make measured judgements. It can support entry to careers such as Journalism, Law, Finance, Research, Policy Development, Local and Central Government and Medicine. 


This subject goes very well with English, Politics, Economics, Classics, Modern Languages, Geography or Religious Studies. Studying History fits very well with any combination of subjects. It can be combined with science subjects in preparation for a medical degree. 

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