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Students will continue with their study of the Cambridge Latin Course up to Book 4, building upon their previous knowledge of vocabulary and grammar learned at Key Stage 3. They can then expect to progress to studying actual literature written by Romans living two thousand years ago.

UNIT:1                                                      UNIT:2  

                                   Latin Language                                       Prose Literature

UNIT: 3  
 Verse Literature  

Unit 1 is examined in a 1 hour 30 minutes paper (50% of marks)
Units 2 & 3 are examined in two 1 hours papers (50% of marks)


Students build on their previous knowledge and understanding of grammar and vocabulary, learning new constructions which will allow them to translate unseen Latin passages of a higher standard and some basic sentences from English to Latin.

UNIT: 2 For the prose literature section of the course, students study extracts from the historian Tacitus in the original Latin. Firstly we explore the education and religion of the Druids, strange priests of ancient Britons. We then look at the actions of ancient British queen Boudicca, who chose to rebel against the Romans.
UNIT: 3 For the verse literature section of the course, students study extracts from Aeneid Book 4 by the poet Virgil. This tells the epic story of Aeneas, a Trojan and refugee from his city, which had been destroyed by the Greeks. This book focuses on his doomed love affair with the beautiful African queen Dido.

Latin is a highly esteemed subject, valued by universities and employers, and is directly relevant to students who wish to pursue Medicine, Law, English or a Modern Language at a higher level.  It is a subject which not only teaches language skills, encouraging precision, accuracy and logical thought but also provides an appreciation of our cultural and literary heritage. Students will have the chance to visit Classical sites both in the UK and abroad. We run a visit to either Italy or Greece every year.

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