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If you enjoy arguing this is the course for you. The course reflects the demands of a truly modern and evolving Religious Studies environment. These new qualifications will allow students to apply a wide range of concepts allowing them to confidently interpret, contextualise and analyse the expressions of religions and world views they encounter. It is an incredibly useful course for anyone considering careers in Law, Politics, Social Work, Teaching, Medicine, Ethics and many more.

UNIT: 1                                               UNIT: 2  


Religion & Ethics                              Religion, Peace & Conflict



2 papers on 2 units
4 questions per paper

CONTENT                  Christianity  and Islam
UNIT: 1   

Unit One is the study of the ethics and the religion of Christianity. In this unit you will study:

  • Christian beliefs.
  • Marriage and the family.
  • Worship and the Church.
  • Matters of life and death.

This unit is incredibly interesting and touches on Philosophy as well as Ethics. You will explore issues like euthanasia (helping terminal patients to die), abortion, paranormal activity, divorce, contraception and the origins of the universe. Although you will study some Christian beliefs you will be expected also to argue about how they might be wrong or irrelevant in the modern world.


Unit Two is the study of peace and conflict and its relationship with religion. In this unit you will study:

  • Muslim beliefs.
  • Crime and Punishment.
  • Muslim worship and practices.
  • Peace and conflict.

This unit is very relevant for anyone who wants to live and work in the modern world. You will study challenging topics such as war, the death penalty, weapons of mass destruction, Jihad, the prison system and the roots of the Islamic religion.


In this course you will be expected to argue about the origins of life and our universe. You will also be expected to argue over the ethical implications of things like executing prisoners or bombing a country to prevent them from attacking you first. For these reasons the course can sometimes challenge your own beliefs and at times will be quite controversial.

This course will encourage and improve your skills of critical thinking, argument and writing. This makes it very useful for developing skills critical to any A-level subject and any career. It is a great path into subjects like Philosophy and Ethics at A-level, which is considered a very valuable A-level by the majority of Universities in the UK, including Russell Group universities like Cambridge and Oxford.

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