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Component 1

Philosophy of Religion

Component 2 

Religion & Ethics

Component 3

Study of Religion


ASSESSEMENT Examinations to be taken in 2019 Components to be confirmed but the draft proposals are for three examinations of 2 hours in length with a variety of structured and unstructured questions.  


Component 1: Philosophy of Religion

Philosophical issues and questions; The nature and influence of religious experience; Problems of evil and suffering; Philosophical language; Works of scholars; Influences of developments in religious belief. Students will argue about the existence of God and whether or not religion is an invention or something genuine. This component also touches upon areas of the supernatural including visions, possession and life after death.

Component 2: Religion & Ethics

Significant concepts in issues or debates in religion and ethics; A study of three ethical theories; Application of ethical theories to issues of importance; Ethical language; Deontology, Virtue Ethics and the works of scholars; Medical ethics: beginning and end of life issues. Students will study issues such as euthanasia, abortion, animal testing, human testing and even government surveillance.

Component 3: Study of Religion

Religious beliefs, values and teachings; Sources of wisdom and authority; Practices that shape and express religious identity; Social and historical developments; Works of scholars; Religion and society; Primary texts.

This course is taught from an academic rather than religious perspective. Students are reminded that as a result of this parts of the course may challenge their beliefs but are not intended to offend. 



R.S. is useful for any career where you will be dealing with people.  It is particularly suited to medical careers when dealing with life and death issues.  The Philosophy elements of the course are also useful for those wishing to take P.P.E. at university. The course is useful for the extended questions on medicine entrance exams. This course is also useful for those wishing to study law, politics and social work. 



This subject goes very well with, Classics, English, History, Politics, Psychology, Biology or Physics.

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