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All girls are assigned to a House when joining the school in Year 7. All teachers (with the exception of the Senior Leadership Team, who must stay neutral) are also members of Houses. At Woodford we have four Houses: Highams, Newton, Repton and Warner. You can find out more about the history behind these names by clicking on the tab to the left.

Heads Of House

Ms T West  -  Highams  

Miss L Verrall -  Newton  

Ms H Summers  -  Repton  

Ms S Foster - Warner           

House Captains & Vice-Captains

These are members of the Sixth Form and take up the role in the summer term of Year 12.

House Points

Each House competes for points, and this culminates in the awarding of a house cup at the end of the academic year. Points can be accrued both individually and through team activities.

Individual House Points

These are awarded subject to the following criteria:

1 – 2 points

3 - 5 points


Students who try hard in lessons; two House Points for those who do so over a longer period of time.

Affording Help

1 or 2 service points to be awarded for offering help beyond what might normally be expected, e.g. offering to clear up, carry books, open doors etc., help fellow students, help ancillary staff.

Community Spirit

1 or 2 service points to be awarded to students who contribute to the well-being of the school community, e.g. voluntarily picking up other people’s litter.

Long-Term Effort

Girls who put in consistent effort over a long period of time (eg half-termly 3; termly 5).

Consistent effort in attending a club, team, music or activity

Students to be awarded up to 5 points for such commitment. (may also be recommended to staff by Sixth Formers running the activity)

Set Events

Students who volunteer to help out at open evenings

House Competitions

A number of events are held throughout the year in which the Houses compete against each other. Among the most popular are House Drama and House Sports (see tabs). Another popular event is:

The Five Penny Race

The rules are too complicated to explain and it has to be seen to be believed. It is held annually in aid of leukaemia and lymphoma research in memory of Kim Holdstock, a pupil at the school who sadly passed away from the condition in 1988. The event takes place at lunchtime in early October. In 2023 a record was set when £1,295 was raised in just over half an hour. The record is £2,309, in 2018. Since the competition commenced it has raised over £50,000.

  • Woodford 100 Years
  • Investors in Careers
  • Equally Safe
  • 360 degree Safe Award
  • ASGS
  • Healthy School
  • Research Mark
  • TFL Award-Gold
  • The Leaders Council
  • School Leadership Programme
  • The English PTI
  • History PTI
  • The Two Subjects PTI
  • Internatiional Coalition for Girls School' s
  • Top 100 Stem School
  • Sunday Times London State School of the Year 2019
  • London School Music Excellence Award 2018
  • The Parliamentary review