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Posted on 14th December 2018 - 18th January 2019 by Charlotte M

On the 14th November Digital Leaders from Woodford County High School attended the Facebook Community Boost event and spoke to MPs. Students, Leya, Farisha and Eman have written a blog about their experience.


Hi everyone! We are from Woodford County High School located in South Woodford (London if you didn’t know) and recently, we went to the Facebook Community Boost event held by Facebook at Millbank Tower in Pimlico.

The train ride was extremely long, people from all over London were coming and going – and as you can imagine, the train was extremely crowded!  We entered the building earlier than we expected and were warmly welcomed by the staff. We met Caroline Hurst, the previous Director of Education at Childnet and we were given special lanyards stating our business there.

We were led to the VIP elevator and into the event hall with a picturesque view of the River Thames. We were gifted an Instagram pop socket, notebook and a pen. Then they offered us food and we were given a tour around the building. We met people who are running various projects with the aim to help local communities. There were many props to play around with and there was an Instagram swing that we got to take a picture on. After this, the aim of the main event started.

Various MPs came through the door and visited our stand. We talked about how amazing being a Digital Leader is and what we have established so far.  We talked with various MPs, like Jack Brereton, who also gave us advice on what we could do to help our own communities more.

Luckily, we had the chance to speak with the CEO of Childnet, Will Gardner. He complimented us on our work so far and how well we were articulating ourselves when speaking with the guests. He even gave us advice on what we could do in the future to include our peers more through events like assemblies.

This event was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Although we felt nervous at the beginning, we conquered our fears and were able to speak confidently with the guests. It also helped that they were extremely friendly and relaxed talking with us about the topic of technology and how it affects society.

We got to learn more about how we can have bigger impact on our society and we are feeling more confident in ourselves. We would also like to think we influenced at least one of the MPs as he called us inspiring!

We would like to thank the CEO of Childnet and his team, including Danielle Antha and Caroline Hurst. We would like to thank Facebook for the event and our teacher for choosing us to participate!


We would like to thank the Woodford County High Digital Leaders for being such fantastic representatives of the Digital Leaders Programme, and a special thank you to Leya, Farisha and Eman for writing this blog.  If your Digital Leaders would like to write a guest blog, please contact

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